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Trip planning partnership with Trufflepig

Trip planning with Trufflepig

Trufflepig plans high-end custom trips in 35+ countries around the world. All trips are built from a basket of ingredients (people, places and things) that we’ve gathered by doing our own research and really getting to know where we go. Our job is to marry our expertise with your request, making sure you end up with a trip that fits.

We start with a blank slate, get to know you, and follow the steps of our Trip Planning Process. Once we’ve figured out the perfect itinerary for you, we pull it all together, confirm and prepare all arrangements (accommodation, transfers, local guides, activities, special events, and anything else you’d like pre-arranged). And before you hit the road we send you a Trip Piglet, or final travel document, which details every step of your journey and provides relevant contact numbers and useful suggestions along the way.

Trip Planning Fee

Custom trips come at a premium. All Trufflepig trips are customised from the ground up—this takes both time and effort. For our expertise and legwork, Trufflepig charges a Trip Planning Fee. The amount of the fee depends primarily on the length of the trip (for example, $1200/$1800/$2150 per trip, for 1/2/3 week trips respectively). In addition to the Trip Planning Fee are the actual costs of the hotels and trip ingredients you choose. Typically, our trips cost between $300-1000 per person per day, including the fee.

If you’re the sort of person who sees the value in having someone else do your digging, and appreciates a stress-free, seamless travel experience, then you’ll find the modest premium of a Trufflepig trip to be a bargain.

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